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Published: 21st January 2010
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Catering services is one of the most important service that many organizers hire for their events. This is because catering services are able to deliver the kind of service present in almost all formal restaurants into a remote area. So what are the services that caterers usually serve to their clients?

Catering services are known as one of the many types of food service in the industry that primarily services foods and drinks to remote areas. Caterers are usually hired in several big events such as banquets, conventions, and weddings, or any kinds of events where all who attend are provided with food and drinks or sometimes only hors d'oeuvres is often called a catered event.

Part of the Catering service's skills is working with an entire theme or color scheme. A catering company or specialists is expected to know how to prepare food and to make it attractive, as well as satisfying all the clients senses with food as a focal point. With the correct atmosphere, professional event caterers with experience can make an event special and memorable.

Beautifully prepared food alone can appeal to the senses of taste, smell, and sight - perhaps even touch, but the decorations and ambiance can play a significant part in a successfully catered event. Aside from foods and drinks, other Catering services have also specialized in other areas, such as providing decorations as well as ambiance for the event.

Other than hiring caterers, some catering services would also offer lightings, sound systems, tables and chairs, as well as other decorations such as plants, tabletops (china, flatware, glassware, linens, chargers), bar glassware, serving equipment, salt/peppers, etc.

Costs would usually vary from caterer to caterer, depending on the kind of service they would provide. Catering services is often sold on a per-person basis, meaning that there is a flat price for each additional person. However, things like lighting and other added features for the event would also cost added fees. It is necessary to keep the cost of the food and supplies below a price margin in order to make a profit on the catering.

Sales Tax, Some quotes will include lighting, fire permits, draping, florals, valet and coat check. Many venues discreetly get a "cut" of the Catering bill. Caterers are contractually committed to not disclose this fee specifically in their contracts with the clients. Therefore, catering will sometimes cost substantially more at one venue versus another. For more information visit to our site at

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