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Published: 21st January 2010
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Catering is one of the many services currently employed to make it easier to serve food as well as entertainment in events that would usually involve a large number of guests such as with wedding, banquets, and conventions. Although catering services usually encompass formalized service of foods and drinks, the term also encompass a much larger definition. Catering is the term used to provide food services to remote areas. This may include those found in formal events as well as mobile Catering.

Mobile catering is the business of selling prepared food from some sort of vehicle. It is a feature of urban culture in many countries. Unlike the event caterers found in formal events, mobile caterer serves food directly from a vehicle or cart that is designed for the purpose. Mobile catering is common at outdoor events (such as concerts), workplaces, and downtown business districts. There are also different kinds of mobile Catering services.

Food carts
Food carts are the most usual mobile catering found across the world, particularly in most parts of the western countries. A food cart is a motorless trailer that can be hauled either by automobile, bicycle, or hand to the point of sale, often a public sidewalk or park.

Carts typically have an on-board heating and/or refrigeration system to keep the food ready for consumption. Compared to event caterers, mobile catering such as the street carts usually serve foods that are easy to cook and serve. These includes:

Hot dogs and other sausages in the United States (see hot dog stand).
Tacos, burritos and other Mexican-style food that can be held in the hand (aka "roach coaches").
Halal food such as lamb or chicken over rice, or in a gyro.
Ice cream and other frozen treats.
Coffee, bagels, donuts, egg sandwiches (e.g. bacon, egg, and cheese) and other breakfast items.

Food Trucks
The food truck is another type of mobile Catering. Similar to food carts, food trucks offer foods and drinks on a much larger scale. A food truck or mobile kitchen is a modified van with a built-in grill, deep fryer, or other cooking equipment. It offers more flexibility in the menu since the vendor can prepare food to order as well as fresh foods in advance. A vendor can choose to park the van in one place, as with a cart, or to broaden the business's reach by driving the van to several customer locations.

Other Uses of Mobile Catering
Other than for private businesses, mobile catering vehicles are also used after natural disasters to feed people in areas with damaged infrastructure. The Salvation Army has several mobile kitchens that it uses for this purpose. For more information visit to our site at

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