The Stag And Doe Party

Published: 18th January 2010
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There are several parties held by the couple before the actual wedding day comes. These parties are usually known as stag party or bachelor party of the groom and bridal shower for the bride. The bachelor party is usually the party in which the groom make the most of his final opportunity to engage in activities a new partner might not approve of. A Bridal shower, on the other hand, were grown out of earlier dowry practices when a poor woman's family might not have the money to provide a dowry for her, or when a father refused to give his daughter her dowry because he did not approve of the marriage.

These events are held individually, usually arranged by the groom's man or best man for the bachelor party, and bride's maid for the Bridal shower. But other than these parties, the couple could also hold these parties together. This event is popularly known as the "stag and doe" party.

Stag And Doe
A stag and doe party, or also known as hen and stag party, a buck and doe party, or a jack and jill party, is an equivalent party to that of bachelor party and bridal shower. The only difference between these parties is that the stag and doe party is combined bachelor and bachelorette party. This event, although not as wide as a bachelor party and Bridal shower, is usually seen in the Canada and in the UK.

In Canada, a stag and doe, or buck and doe, is a wedding tradition popular in Southern Ontario. The event is usually organized by the bridal party, but in some circumstances may also be held by the bride and groom before they are married, similar to a combined bachelor party and bachelorette party, or a 'Jack & Jill.' It acts as a fundraiser for the wedding. Guests purchase entrance tickets and are entertained by draws, food and drink, music and funny games.

In the United Kingdom, a buck and doe is a party where the families of the bride and groom raise funds for the upcoming wedding. Games like Crown and Anchor are used and people have to pay for beer in order to offset the costs of the wedding and honeymoon. Afterwards, dancing is frequently seen until 2 AM, the time when all bars have to shut down by most laws and regulations. Fast songs, slow songs, Top 40 hits, country music, classic rock, and golden oldies are used interchangeably as not to offend anyone. For more information visit to our site at

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